MeowMow's Cloud Adventure is an endless jumper game for iOS, Android and Kindle. It is my first game created using GameSalad.

For more information about this game and its features, or to purchase it on any platform, follow the link below.


Hi, I'm Angela!

Angela BradleyHello!  Welcome to my website!  My name is Angela (Ana) Bradley.  

Here you will find my portfolio and all my social media.  

I design games and other types of mobile apps.  I also make websites and dabble with graphic design.  


My Family

Bradley-Enax Family

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About Me

  • I have been working online since 1999
  • I can tap dance
  • I love Star Trek
  • I have four children!
  • I'm a gamer (both video and board)
  • I live in St Louis, but I'm from WI
  • I <3 all fruit, especially raspberries
  • I've used a Mac since 2003 
  • Riyria Revelations is my favorite book series
  • I like digital photography
  • I'm mildly addicted to sugar free Red Bull
  • I prefer cold weather to warm weather

Saint Louis


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I'm on Goodreads, and usually reading something  :)


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